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Causes of Old Cure Wounds

A long healing wound is marked by a wound that does not heal after more than 12 weeks. This condition is called a chronic wound, and can be caused by various things. Long healing wounds occur when the wound healing process is inhibited. Some things that contribute to the duration of wound healing, ranging from a history of illnesses such as diabetes, to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyles such as lack of nutritious food intake and smoking habits. Things That Cause Old Wounds Heal Here are some factors that can make a wound take a long time to heal: Impaired blood supply or oxygen Long recovery wounds can be caused by poor blood circulation and oxygen supply. When blood circulation and oxygen supply are not smooth, the wound healing process will be disrupted. Some conditions that cause blood flow is not smooth including suffering from diabetes or peripheral arterial disease. Infection Infection of the wound also causes old wounds to heal. Infection can occur when germs
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Mother, Do This to Prevent Travel Sickness

Travel sickness can not only occur in adults, but also children. To prevent this, there are several easy ways that parents can do when they want to travel with children. Travel sickness usually occurs when traveling by car, train, boat or plane. Symptoms of a child experiencing travel sickness are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, excessive fatigue, even shortness of breath. Some children may also yawn a lot, cry, and show anxiety. How to Prevent Your Child from Traveling Sickness The following are some ways that can be done to help prevent your child from experiencing motion sickness: 1. Pay attention to the food consumed Avoid giving children eat with large portions, oily, and spicy. To work around this, Mother can give your child a large portion of food, no later than 3 hours before the trip. Then, give him snacks before traveling. Meanwhile, if the journey to be taken is relatively short, give children food after arriving at their destination. 2. Travel at the right tim

Causes and Ways to Overcome Sweaty Palms

Sweatingy palms can make it difficult for us to hold things or be ashamed if we want to shake hands. Fortunately, this condition can be treated in a number of ways, from avoiding the triggers to medical treatment from a doctor. Sweaty palms are a sign of primary focal hyperhidrosis, a condition in which the body produces excessive sweating only in certain locations, such as in the armpits, soles of the feet, or soles of the hand. Sweating is generally symmetrical, which occurs on both sides, both right and left. Causes Sweating of the Palms Experts do not know exactly why the palms sweat excessively. This condition is thought to be caused by sweat glands in the area which have become more active and sensitive. The sweat glands will be stimulated by nerves if someone feels emotional (too excited, nervous, scared or anxious), moves a lot, gets hot, or eats spicy food. Well, when the nerves overreact, the body can flood with sweat, including in the palm of the hand. In some cases,